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Katy Baker brings a punchy, feisty vitality to the title role of Flora, an unemployed illustrator who is persuaded to become a Communist party supporter. She’s like a younger cross between Caroline O’Connor and Tracie Bennett - no bad thing to be - as she reveals her quirky individuality and a yearning vulnerability to one of Kander and Ebb’s best-ever ballads A Quiet Thing. - The Stage (Mark Shenton)

And yet the real star of this piece is the Red Menace herself. Katy Baker as Flora is effortlessly charming, embodying all the qualities that make us warm to the character of Flora as quickly and strongly as we do. - What’s  on stage

Katy Baker is effervescent in the role of Flora, giving a performance that is not only energetic, but also extremely sensitive – her singing and acting impressing in equal measure. - Broadway Baby

Femme Filthy (played by Katy Baker) stays true to the vintage theme of the show, embodying 50s glamour as she oozes sultriness and unapologetic sass. Baker has a singing voice that I can only describe as “sex” (move over Barry White) and proves in the transitions between songs that she could hold her own as a standup comedian if she wanted. By the end of the night, I’m fairly certain the whole audience, myself included, either want to be her or sleep with her. Apart from possibly her grandparents who are sat in the front row, although one should never make assumptions - The F Word


"Acting through song is something that seems to come naturally and with her unique tone and cheeky charm, the audience is always on her side. No surprise then that the standing ovation was replicated after her encore of one of Kander and Ebb’s best known songs, “New York, New York” – a destination which isn’t beyond her reach…I’m sure the calling is not too far away for this brilliant new shining star."


Comedy also flourished here.  Baker and Kempner, in particular, really knew how to work the crowd with their cutely presented ‘Class’ and then the knowingly re-loaded ‘The Grass Is Always Greener’.  - British Theatre

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